About Me

What can I tell you, I have lots of things to say and pass along (as my wife & sons say, “He has an opinion on everything! Just ask Him!”, and this will give me the avenue to do so without loading up, choking and irritating  friends, family and acquaintances and their In-boxes.

Most who visit probably already know me, so for now I won’t bore you with extraneous details about myself–you either want to be here or not, so enjoy or go away.

For those that don’t know or of me, then you don’t know what you’re missing! If nothing else, and perhaps you aren’t into the daily BS of politics, etc., I also write “Aurthurianesque ” (if there’s such a category–it’s not Tolkien-like High Fantasy) Fantasy Fiction–the first Trilogy is complete & rady for publishing– and recently started in Espionage/Suspense/Techno-Thriller Fiction.–an excerpt of it is on the frot page, just click on Dragonet.  I published my Engineering-edited First Novel  of the trilogy through POD (Print on Demand, it is available @ Amazon.com), but have yet to find an agent or mainstream publisher. I am always willing to pass along my work for reading, input or criticism, so just leave a comment and I’ll contact you via email to determine your desire.

More later, and for now, I’ll allow Comments here to get to know you if you’re interested.

21 Responses to “About Me”

  1. E Craig Says:

    are you a former LST blogger?

  2. kentbook Says:

    Yes (KentBook), why do you ask?

  3. E Craig Says:

    Thought I had seen you mentioned there recently and wondered why you no longer post.

  4. kentbook Says:

    I was over there for about a year or so; I even went across the hall for abuse. Long story short, I had a severe issue last spring and asked for help, some replied, others ignored; it got too cliquish where very few would respond to me specifically; then a new host of folks moved in and I didn’t know many, so I left.

  5. E Craig Says:

    what is across the hall?

  6. kentbook Says:

    The HShakers

  7. E Craig Says:

    You from Houston?

  8. kentbook Says:

    No, up in DFW (RIchardson/Plano), happened upon the site (don’t remember how I got there) and got into discussions and enjoyed very much–even think I contributed. Still friends with a few there and HS, but got tired of being abused @ Shaker (which is part of being there–I understand–but got old) and ignored @ LST.

  9. E Craig Says:

    I found this site from HS. Somebody with the handle cd put up a link a couple of days ago. I used to post on HS a couple of years ago, but now only read occasionally.

  10. kentbook Says:

    Not sure who cd is, I did see that I’d gotten linked there thru my linkage dashboard, but not sure who that is.

  11. E Craig Says:

    Hope you got your issue solved, look forward to visiting here from time to time.

  12. kentbook Says:

    Common’ back any time–issue has cropped up again, we’ll see how it goes. I have faith thta it’ll all be alright.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  13. E Craig Says:

    be glad to help you in some way if possible. Hard times, I’ve seen a few.

  14. E Craig Says:

    how do you do avatars here?

  15. kentbook Says:

    Looking for job again, will relocate if need be. Salesman, Technical Sales, Sales Engineer, etc. HiTech electronics, Mfg Rep,, even HVAC

  16. kentbook Says:

    I think you either click on the Avatar block, or go to you “Account Page” to set up–be aware that some are used in multiple sites–this seems to be just wordpress, btu this is the only place that this one stays like this. I submitted at another site and it uses that one every where else.

  17. E Craig Says:

    send me an e-mail…have a few contacts in metroplex….mostly in government

  18. kentbook Says:

    Gov’t okay with me–was ELINT guy on subs BITD (doubt I could get SecClear now) but I am an intelligent fellow with losts of experience in lots of things–mostly HiTech. Will forward resume via email.


  19. kentbook Says:

    EM on way


  20. E Craig Says:

    got it thanks

  21. e craig Says:

    too bad you dont get many hits here.it is interesting perspective

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