The Final Nail in the Death of America’s Business and Industry

His Royal Obamaness, The ONE, the Left’s Messiah, Dear Leader has the final nail all cued-up to be driven home to kill the United States’ capatalist-based business and industry, ensuring the path to socialism in complete, not only through Union-controlled wages stipulated in the Stimulus Bill, but with upcoming EPA controlled, Tax & Trade Plan.

The Paprazzi President Obama has so increased the deficit with the Spendulus and the OmniBS Bills to the point that the only way out, within the next two years, will be to hyperinflate the economy with a tremendous flood–a tsunami, if you will–of  paper money backed by nothing. Stalin said (I’m paraphrasing) the fastest way to institute socialism was to kill an economy and make money worthless, and Chairman Obama, the Dear Leader is going to do just that, but first he must reduce the GDP and tax base with Cap & Trade to fight the Global Warming Hoax, rebranded the Climate Crisis by the Goracle, Al Gore, The Green ONE.

Between Queen Pelosi’s wanting to flood the workforce, and as a by-product so enlarge the Demon-crats voting base that Conservatism will never regain a foothold in national politics, with automatically newly-minted immigrants through Illegal Aliens Amnesty (the conversion would instantly create at least 12-15 Million Democrats) with help of ACORN’s control of the census, and HRO’s Cap & Trade Tax, unemployment will be so deep that we’ll never recover enough taxes to overcome all the new spending deficit.

The $2 Trillion Cap & Trade Tax/Program will drive America’s industrial manufacturing complex off-shore, so that those of us unemployed today from the high-tech community, especially the Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board industries, will never see a job again and our ranks will swell with millions more. This belief that a responsible business manager or owner will suck it up and play this game to continue building a business in the states is a ludicrous crack pipe-dream. Why in the hell would a company watch it’s profit line go down and down just to satisfy the Enviro-warriors dream of turning the U.S. into a third world country? Oh, it’ll be prettier and “greener” but we’ll be destitute and it won’t matter if the build a “smart” electrical grid; we won’t be able to afford the power to power a toaster, much less our homes’ heating, cooling, lights, etc. Forget they want the smartgrid to read your thermostat and either control it up and down, or charge you more when you have it set too high (or low) at peak times of the day, etc.

Manchurian Candiate (per Kevin Hassett at Obama, who’s controlled by Soros (remember him, he said he bought the Democratic Party, so he owns them and can do what he wants with them, and now the country), can’t speak without reading what’s been written for him from the ever-present Obaprompters and will be the puppet/instrument which will bring the total economic demise of our country–legally through more of his socialistic engineering and laws.

So, here’s the best writing for this argument, from’s Emmett Tyrrell’s article today:

the price tag for Prophet Obama’s climate plan has just jumped to $2 trillion. That is three times the White House’s initial estimate for its cap and trade monstrosity. It is also a huge tax on corporations and consumers at a time when both are in recession. Only government thrives. Given the fact that it is increasingly unclear that there is such a thing as global warming and the fact that cap and trade is an expensive and dubious remedy for it, might not the Prophet Obama hold back? He has plenty else to do.

Cap and trade has been tried in Europe by the signers of the Kyoto Protocol, and, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Ben Lieberman, “Nearly every European country participating has higher emissions today than when the treaty was first signed in 1997. … Emissions in many of these nations are actually rising faster than in the United States.” Yet perhaps the Obama administration has its eye on something other than limiting emissions. Possibly it sees cap and trade as a great way to gain control of still more of the private sector.

As mentioned above, the huge amount of money mulcted from the private sector and handed over to the public sector has got to please every collectivist in the White House. Moreover, there is the huge bureaucracy that will have to be set up to oversee cap and trade. Those of us who have followed the economic crisis and the Ponzi scheme of Bernard Madoff are familiar with the Securities and Exchange Commission. If the administration’s climate legislation is passed, we shall have the Cap and Trade Commission, or CAP. It will be vast.

To begin with, CAP’s agents will have to go to every factory and office building, presumably even public buildings, and decide their allowable levels of emissions — that is to say, their caps. Next, the agency will auction off and oversee the sales of the documents that certify emissions allowances. Call them coupons. Then the agency will have to monitor the exchanges of these allowances and who owns them. Finally, the agency will have to monitor compliance and presumably punish those who fail to comply.

So, get ready folks and try to figure out how to stop this. With the control in the House and Senate in the firm hands of the LEFT and the TRINOS (Specter, Snowe & Collins) it’s time to BOHICA; and while you’re at it KYAG (Kiss Your America Goodbye) and say hello to the USSA, the United Socialists States of America.

Be of good cheer, Comrades, Dear Leader and his minions will ensure that your daily bread won’t cost you more than $165 Million, and if it does, you’ll get it as a bonus to pay for it.

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