Obama Despair Syndrome, ODS2

Comrades, er…. No! I’m not ready to go there yet.  Umm, listen folks, I’ve had a hard time the last few days trying to isolate the idea I wanted to post about–I finally decided that I’d try to squash all the latest bull hockey together, so I’ll try.

During the Bush years the LEFT, especially the FarLEFT, suffered from BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome. The mere mention of his name, glimpse of his face or of him walking or the whisper of his voice, most specifically his wordings of speech, brought about foaming mouths, apoplectic jerking of limbs and complete spinning of heads until they popped off whereupon it would continue to spin like a top on the floor  it’s eyes bugged out with spittle and snot spraying outward infecting others nearby.

As we came to understand that HRO (His Royal Obamaness), The ONE, The Messiah, Dear Leader was not only going to win the Demon-crat nomination for President, but then the election itself, ODS, Obama Derangement Syndrome,  [see fellow WP blogger’s take, altho I have already written about it in another world, linked below: Coming Soon… Obama Derangement Syndrome] set in and rabid Conservatives  began their own version of what had afflicted TheLEFT for eight years with similar disastrous results. They claim he’s not a TRUE born American, that he’s Muslim, that this & that, and waste so much time and effort trying to stop him from taking office or, even now, trying to have him impeached, etc. instead of working to make our representatives stand up to all the Path to Socialism bills, policies and executive orders.

I came to realize since I posted last that I am beginning to suffer from OSD2, Obama DESPAIR Syndrome. Everyday when opens his mouth to say things like, “there are no earmarks!” “The Markets downturn has nothing to do with what we’re doing!” etc. my stomach shrinks and turns over, my head starts to hurt and my will to live loses just another notch on my POM, Pragmatic Optimism Meter.

You cannot turn on anything, TV, Radio or Internet without being smited (is that the past tense derivative of Smite, maybe it’s Smote–smitten is totally different) by HRO’s voice, likeness (I walked by the magazine display in the grocery store yesterday and counted 20 different mags with The ONE on the cover), and his surrogates (read as, Commissars) or the slobbering media extolling his virtues of wisdom and beauty–if not his, Michelle’s arms.

In the last week he has either hinted or declared his outright intention to destroy the American Industrial Economy through the Card-Check Law to ensure the unions can take over companies or force them out of business; installation of the EPA Director and her vendetta &  the Cap & Trade Scam–a continuation of the Global Warming (re-branded as, Climate Change or Chaos, recently added) Hoax; and taxing in an all out assault on those folks out there that employ most of us, so that there will be no other than out-of-government,construction & union jobs developed or saved through the $787Billion Spendulous Bill or the “left over” Bush budget of $410Billion in the OmniBS Bill and 8,570 earmarks which Karl Rove explains in the WSJ says is $34B higher than what Bush promised to Veto if it was a penny higher or had earmarks.

Even the High-Minded (Intellectual Elite Limp-wristed, I really want to believe) Moderate Republicans are seeing the truth that we knew back in the Summer as the media greased the wheels for The Messiah to cruise into Denver and eventually into Washington.  Regarding the last, Laura Hollis has a great article on TownHall today, Let the “moderate” Obama voters’ beware, Meliissa Clouthier @ RWN.com, Note To David Frum, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, Chris Buckley, et al. and I wrote about a week or so ago, Nyah, Nyah, We Told You So!–Surprise, Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies!

Any and all criticism, again as I warned back when he was receiving the nod from the Dems, is met with derision and claims of racism or “not giving him a chance”, etc. Rush Limbaugh has recently received the blunt of the Dems smoke screen for the arguments against the horrendous and ridiculous spending with their campaign to make Rushbo the titular head of the Republican Party–from Politico’s Jonathan Martin, Rush Job: Inside Dems’ Limbaugh plan.

So, folks, I could write a million words (and probably will) on what HRO is doing or allowing to be done in payoffs, if not downright placation and gifts, through the Congress and his own Executive Orders continuing and pushing the United States into a Euro-Socialist Utopia as he spends us into oblivion and breaking the Investment Market. How best to redistribute wealth, but first to bankrupt industries and income from capital and retirement funds so we are all on the same level to start with. My question is, if we are all unemployed, the rich are become poor and middle class is destitute, where will the tax money come from to pay off this incredible debt he adds to every day?

I suffer from OSD2, I can’t help it, but I’ll try to keep a finger in through this blog, even though very few read it and virtually none will comment, yay or nay. I will fight against the inclination to hide my head under a pillow and make a stand as long as I can or until my Rx for Prozac comes through.

UPDATE: In an interesting side,  here’s a report on Obama’s Popularity vs. George W. at the same time in there terms:  Popularity Contests  [Peter Wehner]

4 Responses to “Obama Despair Syndrome, ODS2”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Hang in there, man. I can sympathize. I feel like I wandering around in some weird, bad dream.

  2. Susan Says:

    I think it surely has to be cathartic for you to vent and state what most of us reading your blog feel. Keep it up!
    BTW, Europe is a perfect example of utopian goals run amuck. Those who want to model the US after Europe should move there for a while and see how they like it. Reading about it is enough for me. In fact, I lived in Great Britain for 4 years and can tell you from 1st hand experience. We had to pay a tax for having TV (each TV was taxed, and there were only 4 channels to choose from), a tax on outdoor water faucets, a tax if you had screens in your windows (we used a lot of flypaper in those days), you couldn’t harm the house martins who crapped all over your window seals (imagine bird poop putty-and remember no window screens so you saw that putty every time you opened the window to let the flies in, and “central heat” was defined as a radiator in ALMOST every room. No need for AC as it was always too cold. “Mixer taps” were rare- there was a hot water faucet and a cold water faucet and therefore no “warm water”- if you wanted that you had to pay a tax! If this is where we are headed (as California leads the way)
    I am ready for a fight! The word you might have been looking for is smote which is past tense of smite.
    A footnote- I also had the opportunity to visit East Berlin before the wall came down. The best way I can describe it is “gray”. There was nothing to buy because there was nothing on the shelves, including bread. The people had such a look on their faces. I won’t ever forget it.

  3. Lucinda Says:

    Kent, my friend, please don’t stop writing. You are a lifeline for me and I always feel (there’s that liberal word) slightly calmer after reading your stuff — I know I am not the only one who is livid over the systematic dismantling of our beloved nation. I would like to think this will all pass away, and things will seek their own level and be fine again, but I fear, I really fear, that there will be irreparable damage to the structure of capitalism and the infrastructure of our economy (not the same thing) to recover in even my grandchildren’s life span. I am so sad for my country, So sad. BO should rot in hell. Sorry, but he should. Destroying a whole country and ruining people’s lives and futures? Remember how the left characterized GB as Hitler? For keeping us safe? Those words will haunt them. And unfortunately, us as well.

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    […] Love Mark Steyn, an Update on OSD2 By kentbook Just a little update from my Post Yesterday. It looks like Mark Steyn, whom I love emmensely, thinks along the same lines as I do, that HRO is […]

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