Just a Little Something to Raise your BP this Morning

The Bill was Posted for review last night around 11PM EST–giving only about 10 hours for Senators & Congress to read before voting. Here’s a couple of items to help you understand that we need to BOHICA!

Congressional Offices Don’t Have the Stimulus Bill, Lobbyists Do


Democratic Senator Predicts None of His Colleagues ‘Will Have the Chance’ to Read Final Stimulus Bill Before Vote

SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday

If you want to get a feel how the folks to the left supporting this bill regurgitate the line from the ONE, go back to yesterday’s post and read the comments from James. He tried to convert me, but it’s all 1936 Keynesian Economics BS.

BTW, why are we using 1936 Economics that didn’t work for FDR (by his own Sec’y of the Treasury’s admission in his diary) in 2009 ?

I will add more throughout the day to ensure that we keep that Blood Pressure up–just think of the endorphins that are being released.

Have a great Day!

UPDATE:   Well we knew it would happen, but I have one question: How can it be legal to require the House Representatives to vote on 1000+ Page bill that was released in the middle of the night before the vote–giving virtually No One a chance to read and discuss the bill????

  House passes Obama’s economic stimulus bill

UPDATE II:  Guess what, they just posted the bill for “Public Review”, they also have a place for Comments. Add yours and see if it gets posted.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


UPDATE III:  A friend points out that the links to the Bill DO NOT WORK! I’ve tried numerous engines, but no go. I guess we’re not going to see it until after the Senate Votes! Any bets?

One Response to “Just a Little Something to Raise your BP this Morning”

  1. CbR Says:

    Well BP “IS” bout normal with the expectations that the House zinged it through totally on the “D” vote. So MyDame PeLousE could make her out of country run to the Pope no less. So much for the “Hold the vote call” for 48 hours promise. Good on the “R”‘s to hold out.

    That not to be said for the three turncoats humping for re-election over in the Senate which is at 59 “For” and holding. shame that one has to be hauled back in to make the HISTORIC vote count the magic #60 from his mothers wake.

    Batten down the hatches as it ain’t going to be pretty. Oh, I forgot, BO will make everything OK – not to worry (right – in a pig’s ear). Move over and make room for me under that there bridge ya’ve laid claim to.

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