Tell me what IT (the Spendulus Bill) does for the People

You’ve probably gathered (by now), I’m not a Econo-geek, Policy Wonk or Demon-Crat, so I’m at a loss as to what I am to expect from the 2009 Stimulus Bill that is being prepared to Pass both the Senate and the House voting today or tomorrow, so that The One, HRO (His Royal Obamaness), the Savior can sign the Bill on President’s Day, Monday.

What I am is a techno-mechanic sales guy; someone that came to an interest in politics very late and having to work through and read a lot of nonsense and BS to try to make up for my lackadaisical attitude toward what impacted my life the first 46 years.

I had my Republican Epiphany in ’78 (during TWO’s–the Worthless One’s=Carter–regime) while in the Navy serving on a submarine out of Norfolk (which at the time was in VA, whose slogan then was “Welcome to VEPCO (the utility co back then), formerly know as Virginia). It was then that during a cruise ( I was on a fast attack boat so we went out for undetermined amounts of time, “boomers”–the ballistic missle subs– had the luxury of 100 day rotations) that I was bored enough (and after I had finished my qualifications) to look hard at my paycheck and realized that the amount of taxes I paid during the year actually paid my own salary for 4 months since I was employed by the government–so I was working for free for 4 months!  That realization was enough for me to change from being an Independent to a Republican. At that moment in time I had only voted once, for the the guy I thought was the best choice and because (primarily) the Doobie Brothers backed him–yep, I hoisted myself on my own petard–Carter. I also considered myself a liberal kind of guy becasue I grew up and came of age in the 60s and early 70s; but with age comes contemplation and I realize now I was always a conservative, even back with long hair and rock-n-roll, disgusted with all things political and the “man”. I never blamed the soldiers (I had a number of friends that served, and 3 that never made it home) in ‘Nam for anything, in fact, the only protest I participated in was the day of the Kent State “Masacre”–we walked out of class as the news spread and prayed at the flagpole for “our” fallen. Not silly, even now (of course, you couldn’t pray on school grounds now), that we did that, but other than that I took part in nothing else regarding that turmoil and tumultuos times.

But I’ve digressed, I am no longer a neophyte to the crap that all politicians–Repubs, RINOs, Demo & Demon-crats, even Indpendents or whatever else– say and do to get in and keep office. 9/11 changed me further–it made me pay attention, and after those terrible days, I kept paying attention. So now, I am not an innocent to what things they put forth will or won’t affect my life and livelihood. I have learned, especially since 9/11, what these assholes in Congress, the Senate and the Presidency, as well as the Cabinet, Justice, State and Judicial branch “employees” all want to do–stay alive in politics!

They don’t care how they get or keep their position; they don’t care about me or you; they only care for the power that “we” give them; but then, they want to keep and hold that power until they die, and in some cases treat as a legacy to pass on to their progeny, surrogates and wards. So in my infinite political wisdom (sarc) I’ve garnered in the last seven years, I realized all the above, but as well, that no one but myself is ever going to do anything for this 54 (almost) year old, white, Baptist, middle-class background and current (until I became unemployed) “social”standing, “Conservi-can” male. Actually, I determined that in ’78, but in the last seven years I’ve had to rely on others to keep me save from those that would destroy us. Now, today, I have to worry about those within my government that would destroy us from the inside with their “Spendulus Bill”.

I spent the early morning hours today reading various articles that explain what’s happening and going to happen with this Bill much better than I can. I’m going to list these 4 most direct and informative of those I’ve read in the last week for you to read as trying to post effective parts or paragraphs would taken even more room than I’ve taken already. So, I leave it up to you to read and digest for yourselves what is being done to us by these political animals who know better than experts or those unwashed masses (us) what is good for the country. From everything I read (with my logical approach to understanding being the techno-mechanical guy–see above), this payoff/spendulus/pork-ridden/government expansion Bill, will do nothing for anyone except themselves (those that are passing this thing) and construction (light or heavy), union and munifedgov (municipal & federal government employees) folks. There is nothing in this bill to stimulate what the majority of us out in the real world do for a living–private sector/consumer jobs. There is nothing to drive the technology or give us any way to drive the consumer spending in this bill, other than $13 a week more in our paychecks! Man, now that’s a “tax-cut”! They were afraid we’d pay bills or save the $400 or $800 (single or married) if they sent a check–so they’re going to just ctu the taxes a few dollars. Great! Yahooo! Yippee! The rest of the bill is nothing more than Demon-crat spending to those who brung them to the dance! So, what does it do for the rest of us? Nothing! They even cut the things for those of us that are unemployed–help with COBRA health payments and extension or increase in benefits.

It is too late to hope that the Tri-RINOs (Specter, Snow & Collins) have enough heart and soul to VOTE NO, we know they won’t. We can only watch and wait to see exactly what will happen as the Bill is paid out–we can’t even see where the money’s really going go until the thing is signed!

Let me know if any of the few of you that’ll read this can explain it better than the four I’m suggesting that you read or if you can explain how this is going to benefit me, mine and you in the near future, or the far future, for that matter.

Thanks, I’ll look forward to your input; here’s the list:

John Shadegg : Rationing Healthcare Creates Jobs?

Daniel Henninger: Exactly How Does Stimulus Work?

Obama’s Legislative Victory Comes at High Cost

Obama Misreads His Mandate

9 Responses to “Tell me what IT (the Spendulus Bill) does for the People”

  1. James Says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. As I’m sure you’re aware, last summer congress gave money directly to the people. $600 for singles, $1200 for couples. This was meant to get people to buy something and jump start consumer spending. It didn’t work. People mostly saved it or paid down debt (it wasn’t enough to pay off debt so the credit market didn’t unclog). So, what’s needed is stimulus, i.e. long term injections into the economy. Although you don’t work in construction, it will benefit you. How? The economy is essentially money flowing through the system, around and around, again and again. Right now, it’s not flowing. By creating these construction jobs, those people who do work in construction who will now be employed, will spend much more than a measly $600. They’ll get loans for houses and cars (which after the meltdown and reforms they’ll do much more responsibly) which creates a need for banking and real estate jobs, spend money in stores which creates demand for store employees, and on and on. It’s akin to the old adage of giving a man a fish feeds him for a day, teaching him to fish feeds him for life. The stimulus package will get money flowing through the system again.

    And about your payroll taxes being so steep – you have to remember that those taxes go towards so many things you use everyday you don’t necessarily notice, and many you do like the best armed forces this world has ever seen who are fighting every day to prevent another 9/11.

  2. kentbook Says:

    James, thanks for your input.
    So what you’re telling me is that my stimulus will come when the infrasctructure construction gets going, and those folks will energize the private sector/consumer end of economy. You DO realize that many (actually the majority) of those “stimulus” projects won’t even start until 2011 and they are will spread out until 2019 & 2020. That is NOT immediate stimulus which is what this Bill IS supposed to accomplish.

  3. James Says:

    Well, first there’s not a magic wand to wave that will make the economy better in a month or two. No one’s promising that. It took much longer to get into this mess, and it will take some time to get out of it. And the 2011 date that’s being bandied about is a misnomer. That’s when construction begins on these projects, not when money starts being spent on them. Like everything, there’s planning and pre-project work that needs to be done where states will start taking bidding contracts from companies, which alerts investors who invest in those companies and get the money flowing that way, not to mention project managers who will be hired sooner rather than later. The stimulus package is not being sold as an immediate fix to everything, it’s being sold as a long term solution with some (not all) immediate benefits.

  4. kentbook Says:

    Unfortunately, you are correct, and you have boought into the Dems/Obama “new” stimulus description. When he brought it up during his “-elect” days was an “Immediate” need; once Pelosi and friends wrote it and he saw what was in it, that’s when the “long ranging neeeds of…blahblahblah”, came about. Go back to December and read what he said about this issue then, even into January. Yes, he’s always intended to feed the Liberal wish-list “for the Future”, but he expressed the absolute need to also have immediate stimulus to get the economy moving by mid-year–This Year–not next year. It isn’t Stimulus, if it doesn’t stimulate–it’s spending to reward and crumbs to the rest of us. Good God man, 30 Million dollars to protect a frikking marsh mouse–how many jobs is that going to create? Where’s the stimulus in that?

  5. James Says:

    I don’t know the specifics of the marsh mouse conservation, but I can promise the money will go back into the economy just like we’ve discussed. It’s not going to the mice, and it’s not going to be buried in the marsh. It will be spent in several places to help preserve that animal, such as universities for research, park rangers for enforcement, etc. It’s not going to be $30 million into one fat cat’s coffers. It will be spread around.

    And Obama has since December been warning the country that the economy is not going to improve over night. He warned we might not see any improvements for a year. The immediacy he’s always been pressing has been to get the ball rolling, because taking six months to iron out the details will certainly delay the recovery. If it’s going to take 12 months after the stimulus plan is passed for us to see its effects, let’s start that clock now rather than six months from now. The need for it was immediate, he never said the results would be.

  6. kentbook Says:

    Well replayed and instructed.
    James, I understand the philosophy, you don’t understand that this is the Left’s way of dealing with everything–they closet it as one thing and sell as another, when all along it’s something totally different. Of 30 Million dollars, for one little animal in Queen Nancy’s backyard, has nothing to do with anyoine but her, the environmentalist and making you feel good that she’s doing something for one of God’s little creatures. It has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. Two-thirds of this bill is just like the Mouse appropriations–it’s environmental, feel good pap or social engineering policies and projects that will also be continually funded every year as most will go into the permanent budget numbers.
    James, the only way to stop the downward trend of the economy and jjob loss is get money as soon as possible into the market, no wend it’s way from one pocket to another to another until finally it hits some where where it will actually make a difference.
    It’s a fool’s bid for the economy to believe what Obama/Reid/Pelosi puts forth as helping America–they are doing ezxactly what they need to do to appease & payoff the Left, the Unions and themselves–nothing else. You are deluded if you don’t understand the truth–which I think oyu do, you see, I believe you are just passing along the same crap to convince someone this is a good thing. It’s not, and shame on the Tri-RINOs that are helping this go any further. They should tear this thing up, commissiona true bi-partisan panel from congress and the senate and make a bill that truly will stimulate this great nation into recovery!

  7. James Says:

    I don’t think you understand that spending is stimulus. Where do you think this $30 million is going? Into the pocket of one environmentalist? Into a savings account for the mice? No, it’s going to be spent on projects to help preserve it, and many people will be paid for many services to help preserve it, who will in turn spend it on goods and services they need, or be able to afford to buy a house, which in turn gets money to retail stores and realtors, and so on. Money will flow.

    The real argument to made against this program is the number of jobs that will be created by this $30 million investment does not warrant the price tag. That for all that money one park ranger might get hired, or just one university lab technician gets a job. $30 million that only creates two jobs is bad. And if you only look at the one level of it that looks true. But as I outlined above, all of that money will be moving, not stopping in one account.

    Republican dogma believes that tax cuts will stimulate the economy. That if you put money in the pockets of small businesses, they will start hiring. Problem with that is that it offers them no incentive to start doing that. Like that stimulus check you and I received last summer, there’s no incentive to actually spend it. With the economy the way it is, and people jittery about the future, they’ll more than likely save it for a rainy day or pay down debt (and debt and interest payments are actually a healthy component of any economy, so if everyone paid off their debt it would actually crash a large sector). However, if you spend the money on programs that dictates job creation, even if just a few, those people start spending on products that increases demand for manufacturing those products that the small businesses will need to keep up with by hiring more people. Classic demand side economics.

    And that’s the true difference here. Supply side vs. demand side. I don’t believe that supply side, trickle down theory, works. Think of it in micro terms. A store can open with tons of merchandise (supply), but if the customers have no money to spend on it, the store folds. However, if the customers have money to spend and want TVs (demand) the store has a reason to sell. Then the store’s returns (the economy) thrives.

  8. kentbook Says:

    Well, James, were both into the dogma and will accomplish nothing more than going back and forth here–as you are a ture believer and so am I. The only way–the ONLY way, to get economy moving is to get small business going–that’s who pays and employees the majority of worers in the US, with out small buisness, nothing gets done, fixed or accomplished.
    One bright note for today–Sen. Gregg has withdrawn his name for Commerce Sec’y becuase of irreconcilable differences on the Stimulus and Census control. Yea!

  9. wilsonrofishing Says:

    Four or five miles up along the road to serfdom is a good place to pull the car over for a breather, and figure out the way ahead. . .

    At least people are starting to argue the merits of this mediocre bill, albeit after it has been passed and en route (after a pleasant President’s Day Weekend Break) to signature into law.

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