Updates for today!

Oops, Her Majesty, Queen Nancy wasn’t able to confer with her far-left wingnuts yesterday on the deal that the Senate & White House (are we still calling it that? amazing that hasn’t been changed). Anyway, Madame Speaker has postponed her Thursday blab/bitchfest for today, as His Royal Neck-Biter Ried didn’t give her the due deference and confer with her before coming out of the closet…er, sorry, Conference Room yesterday.  More later.

Here’s the link to politico’s Glenn Thrush’s take on this:   http://www.politico.com/blogs/glennthrush/0209/Did_Pelosi_get_rolled.html?showall

BTW, I meant to include George Will’s article from this AM with the main body; here’s the link: Runaway Stimulus by George Will

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