Panetta and The Obama CIA

First Post:

As soon as I heard the name, Leon Panetta, I knew immediately what would happen and what it meant to the U.S., the CIA and those of us that expect and require protection from those that would destroy us.

There are unlimited postings, articles and opinions out there on every news channel and political blog that say different and wonderful things about this appointment–there are even some that touch closely to my opinion–but this is mine and it’s only that, an opinion, although it’s my prediction as well.

Panetta’s presumed appointment as Obama’s CIA Director is nothing short of the absolute and final victory for the Left. We’ve heard their (the Left’s) displeasure at some of his other appointments, but he paid them in full with Leon Panetta. The whole intent in placing this Clinton Chief of Staff and managerial expert(?) is to cleanse and dismantle the CIA as we know it. He was chosen to satisfy the Left with their criteria that the appointee have no experience in the “criminal” Bush Regime, especially within the intelligentsia’s need for wiretaps, “torture”, rendition (although, he was in the Clinton admin when that policy was instituted) and Guantanamo.

Long story short, he will decimate (I use this in the accepted meaning of total destruction or annihilation) the Central Intelligence Agency of the dedicated, experienced, professional and career agents, leaving what’s left a weak, sniveling and simpering arm of the State Department. Carter and Clinton (his Justice Department’s “Wall” separating the FBI & CIA was the fate compli) both did their best to accomplish this during their tenures and succeeded in a fabulous fashion, and the results were 9/11.

Our days of protection from the Islamofacists will be over with a mass exodus from the Agency, both to get away from the restrictive calamity that will come and also to try and keep from being prosecuted for perceived and trumped-up atrocities. Panetta will oversee the shut down of the Agency’s ability to preform their work and get the answers that President Bush’s policies protected us with and ensured that we weren’t attacked on the Homeland since 9/11.

Folks, I expect this to be a long thread of discussion. I’ve watched and read about half of the talking heads, pundits and professional soothsayers say this will be good for the agency; surely, he’ll understand the importance once he sits behind “the desk”; etc.; blah, blah, blah; but having some experience in the intelligence world, I can tell you, that there will be nothing worse than losing what the CIA does and offers.

Obama believes in the “world’s” court of opinion and his leftist background will not allow him to see the truth until he’s slammed in the face with the next attack, which will be on our Homeland and thus too late. His Elite beliefs in “talk” and “negotiation” will lead him to forgo the real and required detection and protection that is required to keep the U.S. and it’s citizens safe.

Could I be wrong–you betcherass! And I pray I am!  His choice speaks volumes as to where his head and heart are, it repays the Left for their support and says that the “World’s View” is more important than the safety of the People and Citizens of the United States!

Here’s one of many links to start with: Paul Greenberg, Amateur Hour at the CIA

22 Responses to “Panetta and The Obama CIA”

  1. Tedtam Says:

    Well, now you gone and dunnit! Now I have ANOTHER blog to read, and my day is already full!

    I fear you are correct about Obama and his plans for our intelligence infrastructure. We are on a downhill slide — on a razor — into a pool of alcohol.

  2. kentbook Says:

    Sorry, TT, I know, but hey, I got things to say.
    We’ll see how it goes.

  3. southerntragedy Says:

    I’m with Tedtam! Congrats Kent and I’ll pop in later.

  4. kentbook Says:

    Thanx, J, appreciate you’re checking in, will look forward to your input

  5. Daniel 12:10 Says:

    Obama is the boogie man. Booga booga

    Everything is going to go to hell in a hand basket now that ole George is leaving and the flaming leftist has arrived.

    Good luck Kent. Obama is gonna do exactly as GW did and continue the destruction of this country. Bet on it.

  6. kentbook Says:

    Daniel, good that you never change. We can hope Obama is smarter than we think he is.

  7. “Only the wise shall undserstand.” Daniel 12:10 Says:


    I just posted this across the hall. You tell me this isnt happening or attempt to explain it away.

    Folks something really bad is happening! This article confirms our soldiers are going to be here. They tell us its to save lives. We have people here to save our lives. Ya’ll can poke fun and act arrogant but this stinks. WHY NOW?

    Now on to Israel. These are not IMHO Gods choosen people.

    Red Cross: Israel leaves wounded to die
    Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:16:38 GMT

    Red Cross demands immediate access into Gaza from Israel, after its aid workers run into ’shocking scenes’ of weak children and dead mothers.

    Aid workers and four Palestine Red Crescent ambulances crossed over to the Zaytun district of Gaza City on Wednesday, where they found four emaciated children laying beside their dead mothers in a house containing 12 bodies, said a statement released by the international Committee of the Red Cross.

  8. kentbook Says:

    Have you been listening to Naomi again?

    /tsk, tsk

  9. “Only the wise shall undserstand.” Daniel 12:10 Says:

    Nice debate Kent.

    Why do we need the Marines on the streets of the US? Tell me Kent.

    My only hope is that you are preparing for what our gov has told us was coming.

  10. kentbook Says:

    Man, I’ve heard that whole thing from the horse’s mouth months & months ago; it ain’t happening, won’t be any troops “on the Streets”, it won’t happen and if it does, I’ll let you tell me you told me so.
    Now, there are other things that will happen, but I am not worried about the US Military, regardless of who’s President. I’m more worried about what the President won’t do to protect us from external forces, than internal. The only fear that I have internally is the nonexostant AGW threat and what the Congress & Bama plan to do to take the economy all the way into the dumper, then we don’t have to worry about AQ doing it.

  11. CbR Says:

    Great to see you back in KB. Always enjoyed you musings.

    This selection was cause to make sure the castirons were in good reserve supply. It’s not going to be pretty and mucho kneemail that we make it through. Sure we shall but it will strech the faith to an extent not reached previously.

  12. kentbook Says:

    Sorry for the delay in putting it thru–have to sleep sometime, guess will need some help.
    Thanks for checking in, I’ll look forward to your insight

  13. “Only the wise shall undserstand.” Daniel 12:10 Says:

    Heres something for ya to think about Kent. Oh and its written by a conservative.

    When the truth cuts against the position of the US government, conservatives see it as “liberal.”

    When propaganda supports the government’s lies, conservatives see it as “patriotic.”

    The function of the “mainstream media” is to sell products and to brainwash the audience for the government and interest groups. By subscribing to it, Americans support their own brainwashing.

  14. kentbook Says:

    Daniel, it never ceases to amaze me with the linkage(s) you use to make your points, as if Counter-Punch isn’t a “muckraking radical” (their own description) virtual rag of the highest order.
    This stuff will rot your brain–oops already there. How many of these folks that you read and try to submit as honest un-biased reporting have had their work come true?? All these conspiracy theories and “OMG the gov’t this and that” are born from smoking crack or wackyweed, man.
    Yes, I’ll agree “in general” with your last statement–plagerized I assume–and I don’t not automatically adhere to your 1st two points–only a fool does. Does it happen–youbetcherass, on BOTH sides, and this guy isn’t any different–they pay their own homage to thinkers like themselves. Anyone that subscribes and encourages us to go to European (BBC most generally) news sources, etc. to get the “truth” are going to be left (mostly) or right (sometimes)-wing nutballs. You forage for the truth and get the anti-Israel and American garbage–the problem is you want the garbage to feed your soul and mind–thinking that you are the arbiter of reason and truth, when all you are is the same as you accuse us, the only difference is the source of the info and the slant that you want to find.
    You never source reasonable sites, like Real Clear Politics, Politico or others fair or unbiased (there are a few).
    I saw dr. roberts’ credentials, seems to be a very articulate and well educated man and I assume your point he’s a conservative is that he worked under Reagan, but when you look at his work, you don’t recognize him as anything but a nutburger caught up with the other nutburgers.
    Again, I appreaciate your input–that’s why I post it and don’t delete; so keep trying, you never know, you might catch me on the day of my stroke and I’ll buy everything you say; or you’ll actually use a reliable source. But then you’d have to look outside your comfort zone to find it–oh and you’d have to have a momentary breach of openmindedness to see what’s said outside your blinders.

  15. CbR Says:

    Understand the delay. Some of us is out saving the world working the 2nd shift until midnight. Might want to check your clock as I see my comment was 12 hours into the future. Ummmmm, might be a reason huh?

  16. kentbook Says:

    Will do, I’ve been messing with it since I started this.

  17. CbR Says:

    Now where are those lottery numbers? They got to be here in cyberspace some where. With a 12 hour jump start I can beat the economy crash and bypass the Congress/banking ponzie scheme.

  18. kentbook Says:

    Oops, sorry, how’s that?

  19. emmekelley Says:

    Good post and looking forward to more.

  20. kentbook Says:

    Thanks, Emme. Hope it will entertain

  21. Lucinda Says:

    Right on Kent.

  22. Kaelon Says:

    Jesus. I just got a chance to read your maiden voyage into the blogusphere. That is a bleak outlook. I wouldn’t be disturbed but for the fact that I suspect you are probably correct. Then I have to wonder if we are coming to a time of a hot war here on our own soil? I can’t believe these jackasses can really believe they are doing our nation good and I do believe their intent is to weaken us so we have to subject ourselves more to the will of other nations. That leaves intentional damage leading to whatever degree of destruction as their sincere endeavor. It appears to me their idealism is a rabid brand of fundamentalism, no less subtle than Al Queda’s, and with similar intent – the one by intellectual/emotional pathways, the other by physical means. I believe they hate power, ergo they hate our nation as long as it is powerful all the while indulging in the liberal capacity for self inflicted blindness rendering them comfortable while disavowing any comprehension of the fact it is that very power which gives us what freedom we enjoy. I believe they fully intend a totalitarian idiocy as the state mandated religion. That’s the real deal. How are we going to start to fight this? The answer lives in the realm no one wants to enter. Yet the question looms ‘What do we do now?’

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